GREATEA Anti-Pelvic Inflammation & Infection for FEMALE Herbal Tea


GREATEA ANTI PELVIC-INFLAMMATION & INFECTION for FEMALE is a 100% all-natural herbal remedy.

It promotes a healthy female reproductive system, helps in maintaining a normal menstrual cycle, it also helps in maintaining a normal balance of reproductive hormones.

This formula has been used as a medicinal herbal remedy to enhance the woman’s reproductive system. It has plenty of beneficial & anti-inflammatory properties, which have a positive effect on women’s health. It helps to maintain a healthy hormonal balance in the female body and treats PMS symptoms by relieving pains and excess blood loss in menstruation. Used to boost the immune system to fight against all kinds of infections and take precautions against pelvic inflammations, cervicitis, colpitis, etc.

More Benefits:

  • cleanses and tones the Uterus.
  • Increases sex drive in females.
  • Helps nurture the female reproductive system.
  • Helps in balancing women’s menstrual cycle.
  • Relieves the process of menopause.


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