Twinings Synergy Cancer Control Tea



Twinings Synergy Cancer Control Tea is scientifically formulated to help your body boost the immune system and make the system recognize the cancer cells and destroy them. In addition, the hormones are responsible for the changes that occur in the cells and the tissues. The hormones are produced in a few areas of the body. A few cancers are associated with hormones. This traditional herbal formula can kill cancerous cells as these properties adjust the hormone levels.

More Benefits:

  • It helps your body boost the immune system
  • It adjusts the hormone levels
  • It reproduces healthy cells to take the place of damaged cells
  • It relieves the uneasiness of the body and min.


Prunella, Panax, Radix Rehmanniae, Radix Scrophulariae, Ophiopogon, Fritillary.


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