Gotea Liver Detox Organic Tea




Gotea Liver Detox Organic Tea is a super blend of premium organic herbs that supports regular liver detoxification to eliminate wastes and toxins. This traditional plant formula supports your liver to work efficiently and effectively, increasing energy level by supporting regular liver detoxification, normalizing cholesterol levels, and healthy bowel functions and regularity.

It’s a tasty way to show your Liver some love.

Indications: Detoxifies the liver, boosts immunity, reduces bad cholesterol, cleanses & purifies the blood, stimulates the secretion of bile.

Preparation: Pour 12 fl. oz of freshly boiled water in a cup over your tea bag, cover, and steep for 8-10 minutes. Gently squeeze the tea bag to release any remaining extract.

Dosage: Drink a warm cup first thing in the morning. You can add fresh lemon or honey according to your taste.

This product is NAFDAC approved.

20 Teabags.


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