GOTEA Ulcer Solution Tea


Gotea Ulcer Solution Tea is a 100% blend of premium quality organic herbs which help heal all types of internal ulcer.

This product contains herbs which help reduce inflammation in the stomach and intestines and protects their fragile mucous membranes.

Drinking Gotea Ulcer Solution Tea will help ease the symptoms of Peptic ulcer and help heal it


  • Treats Gastric Ulcer
  • Treat Oesophageal Ulcer
  • Treat Duodenal Ulcer
  • Relives Heart Burn
  • Hyper Acidity
  • Treat Indigestion and Digestive Disorder
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Health Benefits of Ulcer Solution Tea:

  • Treats Gastric Ulcer
  • Treats Esophageal Ulcer
  • Treats Duodenal Ulcer
  • Relieves Heart Burn
  • Hyper Acidity
  • Treats Indigestion & Digestive Disorder


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