MEJIC Infection Removal Tea

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Mejic Infection Removal Tea helps fight against all kinds of infections, it promotes and enhances immune functions.

This refined herbal formula can boost the immune system to fight against all kinds of infections, especially taking precautions against staphylococcus.

This tea is 100% herbal, it produces no side effects.

Usage: Three times daily, one or two bags each time. Steep in hot water 3-5 minutes for hot tea.

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3 reviews for MEJIC Infection Removal Tea

  1. Dax

    Majic Tea is one of the best herbal tea in the market. It’s very good for the treatment of malaria. The name should’ve been magic tea cos it’s truly a wonder.

  2. Uchenna

    The product is really good

  3. Ezomo Daniel Oni

    I need MEJIC original products
    * MEJIC eyes tea
    * MEJIC waist pain remover tea
    * MEJIC BP tea
    * MEJIC impotent solution tea
    * MEJIC erectile solution tea
    * MEJIC postrate tea
    * MEJIC sperm count improvement tea
    * MEJIC infection removal tea

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