Nozie Zoboo Red Tea (Hibiscus & Ginger)


ZOBOO RED TEA is made from carefully selected flowers of Hibiscus and the root of Ginger with no artificial additives. This tea is also known as Hibiscus tea, sour tea, or karkade is the perfect “Zobo drink” for you.

Our Zoboo Red Tea which can be used as your regular “Zobo Drink” or natural alternative to “Energy Drink” is naturally tasty and refreshing. But these are not just the thing that makes our Hibiscus Tea special.


Clinical and laboratory analysis carried out on our recipe for this tea shows various health benefits. You would not just improve your overall health by consuming Zoboo Red Tea regularly, but also prevent and cure certain illnesses you may suffer.

This Tea is naturally rich in water-soluble Antioxidants, Calcium, a huge amount of Vitamin C, Carotene, Iron, Riboflavin, and Niacin which are all nutritionally necessary.

Traditionally our Hibiscus Tea prevents and treats several health problems such as High Blood Pressure, Loss of appetite, liver diseases, Kidney diseases, Diabetes, Heart problems, and many others.

How To Prepare Zobo Drink from our Zoboo Red Tea

IN A CUP: Insert one or more tea bags in a cup, add fresh boiling water. Allow brewing for 7 – 10 minutes.

FOR ICE TEA: Prepare hot tea double strength and pour into an ice-filled glass (melting ice dilutes to serving strength).

Additives: Add your favorite natural fruit Juice, sweeteners like honey, sugar, or cinnamon can also be added if desired.

Enjoy the best of natural health drinks. Naturally healthy and nutritious!

improve your overall health with our Zoboo Red Tea also known as Hibiscus Tea, Zobo Drink, Sorrel drink, Sour Tea, or Karkade…


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