5 Powerful teas to boost your immune system.

5 Powerful teas to boost your immune system.

5 Powerful teas to boost your immune system.

5 powerful teas to boost your immune system. The immune system is the body’s tool for preventing or limiting infection. Its complex network of cells, organs, proteins, and tissues enables it to defend the body from bacteria, viruses, parasites, and more(MedicalNewsToday 2023).

The Immune system does a lot of work. Its main function is to protect the body against disease-causing germs and fight these germs. It has a record of germs it encounters, and this helps it to recognize and fight them easier when they next appear.

The immune system is mainly made up of two sub-systems:

  1. Innate Immune System: This is the natural and inbuilt defense every human is born with. It can be seen as the body’s first line of defense. It is the body’s first level of protection against disease-causing germs.  As the body’s first line of defense, it is wired to act fast and respond quickly to protect the body. Some examples are the Cough reflex, The Skin.
  2. Adaptive Immune: According to Bcampus in this article https://bit.ly/3xxbHV8, Adaptive immunity is an immunity that occurs after exposure to an antigen either from a pathogen or a vaccination. This part of the immune system is activated when the innate immune response is insufficient to control infection. When the innate immune system which is the first line of defense, is unable to defend the body, the adaptive immune system is triggered and it begins to work. It takes longer for the adaptive immune system to act, it is wired to keep records of every antigen it fights, it builds immunity against them and this helps it to fight them better when next there are detected.

The level of work the immune system does is major and heavy, so it is necessary for it to be as healthy as possible. It constantly Faces threats and has to fight diseases causing germs, which sometimes can cause it to weaken, that is why it is important to do the right things to boost the immune system and always keep the body protected.

Teas are the second most consumed drink after water. Teas are loaded with a lot of health benefits, there are easy to consume, safe, and without side effects.

Teas are organics and are produced from various blends of herbs, plants, and roots that are highly beneficial to the body. There are certain teas that are specifically produced for the boosting and improvement of the immune system. These teas are packed with all the nutrients and vitamins that the immune system needs to keep it healthy and further strengthen it.

Teas that boost the immune system:

1. AHMAD IMMUNE TEA: This tea has a perfect blend of Lemon, Ginger, and  Turmeric. Lemons are a good source of vitamin C, one lemon contains about 51%  of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C contains anti-oxidants which is perfect for boosting and improving the immune system. Ginger & Turmeric have strong anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. Gingerol the compound contained in raw ginger has anti-microbial & anti-fungal properties that are beneficial to the immune system. This fruit and herbs-infused tea are perfect for immune boosting. It is flavorful and just two cups a day gives the immune system, the extra boost and support it needs to keep it going.

2. TETLEY SUPER FRUITS TEA: Tetley is an English beverage manufacturer, founded in 1837. It is the largest tea company in the United Kingdom and Canada. Tetley super fruits tea is a blend of fruits and herbs infusion with added vitamin C that provides the body with Anti-oxidants which improves the immune system. This tea has a variety of flavors, some are: Tetley Immune with Vitamin C.  Tetley Boost with Vitamin B6.  Tetley Super Green Tea Immune with Vitamin CTetley Super Fruits Boost Cranberry & Elderflower.  The Tetley company has years of experience which has helped them to improve the quality of their teas over time. This tea is just perfect for boosting the immune system.

3. BIGELOW BENEFITS STAY WELL: According to https://bit.ly/3xCOAZq the Bigelow family has been dedicated to the craft of making high-quality teas since 1945, the difference is always in the details! The family sources ingredients from high-elevation gardens with exceptional teas that hail from the misty mountain tops of India and Sri Lanka, where tea leaves are harvested at their peak by-hand. Why? The unique climate of these regions nurtures a bold and well-rounded flavor, as well as beautiful aromas, in every blend.

The Bigelow Family has built a solid tea company and this makes their tea perfect for consumption. Bigelow Benefits Stay Well tea is a perfect blend of Echinacea Flowers, Lemongrass, Rosehips, and Elderflowers. These herbs and flowers aid in the general well-being of the immune system. Echinacea flower has been known to increase the amount of white blood cells, amongst other things, and this helps to fight infection. Lemongrass and Rosehips are packed with antioxidants, which is exactly what the immune system needs to help boost it. It also has a blend of elderflower, which contains bio-flavonoids and is known for killing common pathogens.

The blends of herbs and fruits present in this tea make it a very effective and easy way of boosting the immune system.

4. LA BOTTI IMMUNE BOOSTER: La Botti Immune Booster provides anti-oxidant effects, activates vitality, maintains the proper functioning of the respiratory system, and supports the body’s natural immunity. La Botti Immune Booster is infused with herbs and roots that supply the immune system with the right amount of nutrients it needs to aid its growth.

La Botti is a Nigerian brand that was incorporated in 2014. Their tea is made from a fine collection of specially grown herbs, roots, and vegetables, which are tended to carefully.

It is easy to use and perfect for immune boosting.

5. GOTEA IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Gotea Immunity Tea is a combination of powerful herbs that are traditionally used to build and support the immune system, fight bacteria, promote healing, cleanse the lymphatic system, detox, and purify the blood. Gotea is a Nigerian FMCG Company that manufactures and sells natural wellness products across the world. The Gotea brand is built on family values and these have helped them to produce and operate better. This tea is a go-to for immune boosting and the general well-being of the body. It is easy to take and no contradictions have been established so far.


These teas are so good and easy to use and are prepared for the purpose of immune-boosting. These teas do not and cannot take the place of a healthy balanced diet. To attain maximum benefits from these products, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat well, drink water, exercise regularly, and get adequate rest.

Your immune system is the body’s defense against disease-causing germs and the state of your immune system determines the general state of your body.









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