Frustrated With Loosing Weight?

Okay, this is it. I am done. I am no longer going to stress myself trying to lose this weight. I am confident in my body, and I will focus on body positivity,” says Joyce, who has been trying to lose weight for almost a year without visible progress

Joyce is feeling frustrated because she is not seeing results. She has not lost any weight; rather, it feels like she is gaining more weight.

Have you always been conscious of your appearance, maybe because of societal standards? Or you just want to feel confident and healthy. Yet, every attempt to shed those stubborn pounds seemed futile, like chasing shadows in the darkness.

“Maybe you had begun your journey with determination, armed with diet plans and exercise routines found in glossy magazines promising quick fixes. But the pounds still cling to you like a persistent shadow, refusing to budge despite every efforts.

I understand this frustration; I myself am facing it, but in a reverse manner. I am so lanky, and for years, I have been trying to gain weight. But it seems the journey is futile; all I have ever done is get slimmer.

But let’s look at why this is the way it is

  1. What is your Reason for trying to Lose Weight? Is it because you really want to lose weight? Is it to feel healthy? Is it because someone called you fat? Is it due to societal standards? Or what else?

I will advise you to write down these reasons and classify them into 2 categories.

Category A = Doing it for myself

Category B = Doing it for others/Society

Have you ever done something of your own vs when you are doing it because you have no choice? Why was it a difficult task to do the dishes and sweep the house as kids, but as adults staying in your own house you do it effortlessly?

That is because the brain tends to understand situations like this sometimes as stress, so when it feels you are doing something because you must, your brain can feel you are getting stressed out and might try to hibernate, causing you to work in futility. So, if you want to lose weight because of someone or society, you might want to reconsider your reason, else you will be giving your brain too much work.

  1. What Method are you using? This is very important, because you have to do what works for you. And that means that while it is good to have a mentor and follow up with them, it is important to learn your body and what works for your body. This will help you to enjoy the process.
  2. What Metrics are you using to Measure your progress? Understanding that this is a journey and not a short 100m track race is very important. Do not expect to get there in 3 months, if you can fine, but if you do not, do not be hard on yourself.
  3. It is about your health and Life. This has a relationship with number 3, knowing that this is a journey that has to run with your lifetime will release every stress from your head and get you more disciplined. Fat is an essential nutrient for the body, it is the excess fat that poses a problem, so while you know you need to burn those excess fat, also know that the key to life is maintaining balance, so don’t let anybody pressure you.
  4. Consistency is Key: This sounds easy, but it is one of the hardest parts of embarking in any journey, I myself am very guilty of it, but if you can maintain consistency, you will be shocked at what result you can achieve. I always tell the story of the axe and the tree, it is not the first stroke of the axe that brings down the tree, and will you say it was the 100th stroke? Nah, it was those consistent hits on the tree that finally summed up to bringing it down. So, from now on, one of our first and major point we will consider will be consistency.

So, I hope with these few points of mine I have been able to convince and not confuse you that while it is good and healthy to lose those fats, it is not a do or die affair. I am not trying to get you all lazy, no, but I am trying to change your attitude towards it. Burn those fats because you want to, for your health, your discipline building, your sweet body that you desire. And not because of that man that said you are fat, or that your friend that always use it to insult you when you are bantering words, or because of Megan Good (lol no shades) Just do you.

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See you on the next 1inch less.

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