The Most Effective 10-day Nigerian Weight Loss Meal Plan.

The Most effective 10-day Nigerian Weight Loss Meal Plan.

The Most Effective 10-day Nigerian Weight Loss Meal Plan.


Dieting is the most important part of weight loss. The quality and quantity of our food is essential to our weight loss journey. This article has the Most Effective 10-day Nigerian Weight Loss Meal Plan, designed to make your weight loss journey easy and fun.

Weight loss is the reduction in general body weight which includes; fat, water weight, and muscle mass. Weight loss can harm the body, so it is recommended to focus on fat loss, rather than weight loss.

Fat loss is the reduction of fat from the body. Fat Loss focuses on just “FAT”, this is why you should be on a Fat Loss Journey.

The difference between weight loss and Fat loss is why you have lost some Kgs but your tummy and arms are not as flat as they should be.  The quality of your diet is the major factor behind fat loss. Being on a calorie deficit and portion control is good, but if you are not eating the right meals, you may lose weight without losing some specific body fat.

How to Eat for Fat Loss: 

  1. Calorie Deficit: To lose fat effectively, you must eat fewer calories than your body burns. According to an article by On average, a woman should eat 2000 calories per day to maintain her weight, and she should limit her caloric intake to 1500 or less and lose one pound per week. For the average male to maintain his body weight, he should eat 2500 calories per day, or 2000 a day if he wants to lose one pound per week. This does not mean you should starve yourself or engage in any strict or harmful diet. You can eat well and enjoy your meals while being on a calorie deficit.
  2. Plan Your Meals: When you have a meal plan it makes you prepared, guides how you eat, and ensures you don’t eat carelessly. You are able to track your meal and over time you can see your eating habits. Having a meal plan makes weight loss easy because you are not constantly thinking of what to eat. It’s necessary to have a good meal plan, that will guide how and what you eat.
  3. Meal Prep: After you get a good meal plan, you need to prepare those meals ahead of time. You need to stock up on those meals, this makes cooking and eating easier. It relieves stress and helps keep you disciplined. You can take out one day of the week or a weekend to prepare your meals for the week and store them in the freezer, so when you want to eat, you just have to microwave them.

10-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan by Teas .ng.




Dinner  Snacks
Day 1 1Sachet of Winstown Slim Green Coffee with Ganoderma. 1Boiled egg. ½ medium-sized cucumber. 1Medium Sized moi-moi. 1boiled egg. 1small size Panla fish.  A cup of beans. Vegetables. 1 Panla fish.                  Apple slices and peanut butter. 
Day 2 1Sachet SLIM MILK TEA CHOCOLATE FLAVOUR. 2 Slices of white bread. 2 fried eggs.  1 cup of rice. 1 piece of chicken(without skin). Stir fry veggies.  A small size fruit bowl(Watermelon. Pawpaw.Cucumber) A small bowl of grapes. 
Day 3 1Sachet of Winstown Fat Blaster Diet Shake.1 tablespoon chai seed. Fruit Mix(small banana. Small piece of coconut.5 pieces almond nut) 100g of swallow. Oil-less okra Soup. 1 chicken drumstick/panla fish.  A cup of SLIM MILK TEA COFFEE FLAVOUR 5 pieces of garden egg.
Day 4 2 Slices of toast bread. Peanut butter spread(on the bread). A cup of ginger tea.  A serving of vegetable and chicken salad. (1 piece of skinless chicken). 3  pieces of Asun(Peppered  goat meat).

 2 boiled sweet potatoes.

A small bowl of strawberries.
Day 5 50g of oat pudding. 1 tablespoon of chai seed. 1 small cup of Kirkland Organic Almond Milk. ½ pink apple.  A cup of rice. Fresh tomato and egg sauce(1 egg). 1 Cup of green tea. 2 boiled eggs.

 ½ cucumber.

1 wedge of watermelon 

A small bowl of tiger nut. 
Day 6 1 wrap of small-sized okpa. A cup of chicken Republic rice. 1 drumstick of grilled chicken. Yam porridge with vegetables and fish.  Two Bananas
Day 7 Stir fry vegetables. 1 cup of rice. 1 piece of goat meat. Oha soup/Vegetable soup. 100g of swallow.  300g of unsweetened Greek yogurt.

 5 pieces of almond nut. 5 pieces of berries. 

5 slices of apple. 

One apple 
Day 8  2 Indomitable. 1 boiled egg. Salad(Cabbage and Carrot) No cream.  1 medium-sized chicken wrap. 2 pieces of Asun(peppered goat meat).

 2 boiled sweet potatoes. 

2Medium-sized cucumber. 
Day 9 1 wrap of okpa. A serving of vegetable salad(2 boiled eggs) Oha soup/Vegetable soup. 

100g of oat swallow. 

1 Pack of caparison(42 cal). 

A handful of cashew nuts.

Day 10 Yam porridge with vegetables and fish.  A bowl of fruit mix.  1 piece of Catfish pepper soup.

 3 medium sweet potatoes/yam. 


(Watermelon and Cucumber slices)

This is easily the most effective 10-day Nigerian weight loss meal plan. It has meals that are easily accessible to every Nigerian. You can substitute the meals to suit your preference.

Some Tips for Effective Fat Loss: 

  1. It is important to portion control, and if you are not sure about your portion, one easy way is to ensure your plate is 50% Veggies. 25% Carbs. 25% Protein. This way your body easily breaks down the food you consume.
  2. Do Not Starve Yourself.
  3. Ensure that what you are doing for fat loss can be sustained. Make your journey a lifestyle change. Start small and increase as your body adjusts.
  4. 1 cup of white rice is 200 calories.
  5. All soups should be oil-less. 1 tablespoon of oil is 120 calories.
  6. No Alcohol/Soda.
  7. Chicken should be skinless.
  8. Avoid fried foods, you can air fry or grill them.
  9. Prioritize proteins and fibers in your meals, as they are very good for Fat Loss.
  10. Drink water. You should drink at least 3Liters of water every day. You can get a water bottle, that helps you drink more water.
  11. Sleep very well, this is also very important for Fat Loss.
  12. You need to be disciplined, consistent, and patient during this journey. Try to enjoy it and have a good time. It’s okay to slip up and make mistakes, but you can pick yourself back up and continue.
  13. Get a spray bottle for your oil, that way you reduce the quantity used.


Fat-loss can be fun and enjoyable and the good part is, we can all do it together. You don’t have to starve yourself or engage in any strict or harmful diet. Please be patient with your body. When you are disciplined, consistent and do the right things, you will get results. We are rooting for you and we want to be a part of your journey. Send us a DM on Instagram, if you find this article useful and if you have more questions.


Written By:

Sharon Kanu. 



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